Monday, February 26, 2007

Eleven Wake Ups...

Until we see the Mouse! We went shopping this past weekend to make sure everyone had what they needed for the trip! So much fun!

Did some QUICK layouts this weekend... Just HAD to do my little cowboy layout! Loved that picture, and you KNOW I am the resident butt photographer!

Parttime Cowboy: Can't even remember what paper that is? Flair designs? Pretty sure, Junkitz buttons, Spare Parts clip and book plate, Making Memories brad, Scenic Route chipboard letters, tim Holtz Ink, and Zig Writing pen!

All Mine: A2Z patterned papers, Bazzill Cardstock, Pressed Petals chipboard letters, QK punch, Cats Eye ink, White Sharpie This is a TOTAL scraplift from the Simple Scrapbooks Photography book... LOVE that book... and while I am on the topic... the BHG Scrapbooks Etc one is awesome too!

On the Scrappy Arts front! We are having HUGE technical issues... and we KNOW you are as excited as we are... so we will let you know ASAP! We want it to be as awesome online as it is in our heads! :) We have switched from ONE server site to another! Just hope that THIS one has support! You get what you paid for! :)

Will keep you posted... thanks for all the sweet things you all have said about me not moving on! It was better than winning the grand prize! And I WILL be submitting!

Lights Out!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I didn't make it through to the final round. The girls that did are totally deserving, don't get me wrong, but a little upset never less. Just human nature I guess! I will say, I think I have some of my favorite layouts come out of this contest. I learned so much about me as a scrapper and my style! Here are my final two layouts for that contest!

"Blue" was my take on Kelli Crowe's style! She is pretty "free", but I kept my linear style!

"The ME behind the scenes" is my take on Cathy Zielski's style! Very linear, lots of journaling and typography!

Next week we should be able to make some AMAZING announcement! So hard to keep it in!
TWO weeks from tomorrow and we head to see the MOUSE! I am so psyched...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It is over...

At some points it seems really sad that E's show is over, and at others, it will be nice to have our weekends back! The show was a huge success, and they were all REALLY cute! I took some pictures, but they are a bit grainy since I set my ISO a little too high!

I also screwed up royally, and didn't realize that my Boy class was THIS Thursday and NOT next Thursday! So I gave a discount on it! It will be my last class for a few months. Just want some time to scrap for me! KWIM...

Here is the layout for that class, along with the Heart Throb one from a few posts back! It is extremely easy layout as the other one is so detailed!

Finally... tomorrow is the big announcement at Coordinate's Collections to see if I made it to the final round. Every one else REALLY stepped it up this round! Very nervous here... You can check out all the entries and see how tight the competition is! Scrapping with the Stars. I will let you all know tomorrow, and post the actual layouts I did! Just keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya! This one is all in the hands of the DT!

Lights Out!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I did it!

I made it to Round 3 of Scrapping with the Stars! We get to scrap like Cathy Zielske and Kelli Crowe. Had never heard of Kelli, but I love Cathy! After some research, I found my niche with Kelli and got the layout done! Have some plans for the CZ one... just need to figure out how to get it on the paper! Here are the entries that moved me on!
Thanks for all the votes... Next round is DT pick only!
On the home front... nice and quiet weekend! Just the way I like it! We did take the kids to see Happy Feet yesterday! UGH! Definitely a wait-for-DVD movie! And why is it that it costs so dang much! Hard to have a fun outing with the kiddos if it cost $50 just to go to the movies! And they wonder why we don't feel guilty sneaking in a bit of chocolate! Ended the weekend with some amazing food! Man, that guy can COOK!
There may be another post today... but for now, just wanted to post this!
Scrappy Arts - 17 Wake Ups
Disney - 25 Wake Ups
Lights Out!

Friday, February 09, 2007


From today... we will be on our way to see the MOUSE!

I think Chuck and I are more excited than the kids are! So can't wait for this trip!

Getting my hair cut tomorrow! But right now I am sitting on pins and needles! They said that they would announce the winners EARLY... Like today for Scrapping with the Stars! But they haven't done it yet! I don't want to leave my computer! It is killing me here! Ok... breathing!

Will let you know, and I will post my layouts!

Lights out!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


OK, for about two weeks we had RAIN... Trav was concerned about where the sun went! Well today it is gone again, his response, "I guess the sun is going out of town, again!"

Have a great trip, Sun, but come back soon!

Wow... two posts in ONE day!

Lights Out (sun included)

You can do it too...

I came across this from my friend Denise's blog... thought I would wrap my brain around it! Loved her answer to #7, so I kept it! Let me know if you fill it out too!

1. I've come to realize that my life is... complete! Not perfect but complete... and I love it!
2. I am listening to... Yahoo Today's Country!
3. I talk... all of the time. Sometimes I just might start a conversation that no one else has been privvy too...
4. I love... my family, Chuck, E and T! They are the best!
5. My best friends... Chuck, my mom and Cassie... Thanks for everything!
6. Love is... True and forever.
7. Somewhere, someone is thinking... why we "talk" about ourselves on a blog.
8. I'll always ... remember where I came from and look where I am going!
9. The last time I cried was because... Wow... but it is going to be better! I know it is!
10. My cell phone... reminds me of all those lists I can never remember! LOL
11. Before I go to bed... I kiss my husband and make sure he knows I love him!
12. Right now I am thinking about...How close it is to the weekend!
13. Today I... am giving a test! Can you say QUIET in my class!
14. Tonight I will... Keep the faith!
15. Tomorrow I will be...Counting down the hours to family time!

Sorry no photos... I have my reader, but not my camera! Pooh!

Lights Out!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Big things are happening...

Phase one will be simply to keep in touch... Scrappy Arts is going Yahoo... Come on by and sign up for not another artsy fartsy scrapbook group! We have some big plans for the future, hope you will be a part of it! Want to sponsor a month? What a great way to get your KITS advertised!

Weekend was great! Spent the entire time at Mom's. How relaxing... Got TWO projects done. A little mini magnet board from the February Kit at My Scrapbook Nook and a layout for my Boy class at my LSS! Have one more to do for that class, but I am really pleased how this turned out!

Round two voting is ready to go for Scrapping With The Stars! So, if you are a registered voter, and you like what you see over there... Vote for ME! :) I will post my layouts once we are officially allowed! Really like how they turned out though! Keep your fingers crossed!
Keep checking back, and I will let you know all the updates with our big surprises, and how I fare in this contest! Don't you just LOVE contests? I do... ;)
Lights Out!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well... Happy Birthday to me! This isn't quite a newborn photo... but I think it was for my first birthday!

Just thought I would share some of my yesteryears! I have never been one to worry about age... so here I sit at the glorious age of THIRTY EIGHT! My students have been absolutely adorable. I am **swimming** in Dr Pepper, do they know me or what? Chuck brought me breakfast, and has something planned fo rhte evening! He won't let me in on the situation!

We are headed to the Medieval feast in just a few minutes! Plan on getting some great photos there!

On a sour note... I tried to give blood yesterday. Have given over FOUR gallons of blood since high school. I think it is VERY important to be able to do this! Anyway... I make it through the screening, am sitting there filling the little bag (it is 3/4 full) when the nurse comes up to me. She says, "It says here you have lived in Germany since 1980... why?" I then inform her that my dad was military and we were stationed there. So... she asks if we lived on a military base... YES! Well... APPARENTLY during that time period, England supplied the beef for military bases in Germany, and we are at risk of having bad beef! HELLO! She then takes out my needle and says that she can not use my blood. That she will have to THROW it away! I was not happy! That means, that I can not give blood again, until they get rid of that rule! UGH


Lights Out!