Friday, November 19, 2010

525,600 minutes plus

Or is that times? Times 15 equals 7,884,000 minutes! I would love to start this off by saying something classy, or smart, or thought provoking; but it just isn't coming. This beautiful young lady catches my breath almost daily. And now she is turning 15l That means the world is really opening up for her. She is just amazing!

15 things about Monkey #1:
1. Has an attitude, but usually cracks a smile in the end.
2. Runs... And she is good at it! Who does that?
3. Is taking the "Pioneer Viking" spirit up another notch in HS
4. Is taking on new challenges even when they seem to catch her.
5. Is learning that there are consequences to actions and is acutally learning from them
6. Really loves her little brother and looks after him.
7. Steps up and helps out without being asked too much.
8. Unless it is feeding the dog. Don't get it, but it is almost humorous... except at 3AM when the dog is hungry.
9. Has her daddy's sense of humor
10. And his stubborn streak
11. Supports her little brother in all of his baseball stuff, even when she is bored out of her mind!
12. Is so very creative
13. Isn't afraid to show me that she loves me.
14. Means the WORLD to me!
15. Is all ours, and we love every part of her!

I love you baby, even though I am not ready for you to grow up and leave me!

Lights Out!