Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cool NEW Stuff

OK, you all know that I am addicted to Go.Be.Creative! Well, Tam is the new Creative Team coordinator over there and is GIVING away a kit! Run over to her blog and sign up! WAIT... don't do that... then I have less of a chance of winning one! I am so missing Lainey's kits since I left the CT! Might have to put my name in the hat for the next round! It is a super fun site, with super creative people, and super AMAZING kits!

And many of you all know how much I love Lain Ehmann, got to meet her at CKC Houston, and then again at CHA! She is just a HOOT! And as many giggles as I get from her blog, I can only imagine her book... YES... I said her book... I can only imagine how funny her book is going to be! She will be taking preorders! You bet my name will be on that list! What a great stocking stuffer as it will be out in time for Christmas!
The Scrap Pink

Not sure I have anything more profound to say at this moment! Yeah, I know, when do I say anything profound? Amy, I know you tagged me, but I still have to answer the questions! And I will be tagging people as well!
Lights Out!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank you, Ike...

I know some of you all have seen these if you are on either of the boards I frequent, but I am pretty sure there are a handful of you all that DON'T go there, but still read here!

OK, , he came through and left his mark, but I had to make the most of it! I actually did FIVE layouts this past week in six days! That is HUGE for me! And for the most part, I tried something new in each one!

Monday... for the letters, I inked them, but wasn't completely happy with the color... when I did the second color it marbleized... then I tapped a third color! It matches the surfboards perfectly!

Tuesday... nothing new for me, but I did follow a sketch! I am t all that happy with it, but the photo is done, and it needed to be!

Wednesday... I came across this acrylic 12X12 and thought I should give it a go! OMG... I loved it! So much less intimidating than an entire album! This is in the store now! I did add "seventh" handwritten on the 7!

Thursday... OK, told you I loved that acrylic... here is his version. Used the bazzill stitches to sew on this one! I am just giddy about these clear backgrounds.

Friday/Saturday... this one is about ME! a rarity... I hand drew the back ground shape as well! Got the title idea from one of the magazines I was reading last week. Already had the paper! And by far, my fave of the week!

Now to keep up the motivation/mojo/energy/whatever it takes to get some more done!

Lights Out!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gotta love it...

when you go out to take specific shots, and you come across these on accident!
I am the DT coordinator at the store, and I pretty much fill in where she sees the need! We are trying to push some papers that can be used for school. I looked through all my photos from this year, and both kids were in all the photos! So... we are out of school, but I made them put on their uniforms, sat them in the front yard and begged, pleaded, and bribed! I got some goofy ones, but I came across these throughout! woo hoo

T monkey: when did he get so big? I hate that that happens!

Then these popped up of E! I might be biased, but I think she is absolutely beautiful!

Gotta love that... and these kids! Did get some back to school-"ish" ones, and will show those, when the layouts are done! ONE is already, and it is ROCKIN'!

Lights Out

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yes, we had the windows boarded, lots of water, batteries, food, patience, and plenty to do if the power goes out!
We WEREN'T prepared for our little house to tumble around us! It did really well considering what some of our neighbors are now fighting. We are lucky, and I guess the way I look at it... I can now get rid of that PINK paint! A mistake in my younger decorating days. A mistake I get to see every day! So... we now will get a new roof, a new ceiling, and some new paint! Guess the cabinets, counter tops, and appliances will have to wait!

Lessons learned... we can live without power, we can live without shingles, we can live without ceiling tiles... we can't live without our little family. And we are lucky, we have everyone! I also learned to get paper plates BEFORE a storm. Washing dishes with the garden hose just isn't fun!

Just killing time... it was cool outside in the rain, watching DVD and Daddy trucking shingles.

And... the neighborhood fashion statement. It is all the rage on our street! Everyone has one...
Piles of shingles...
Pretty blue tarps on the roof...
And, yes, even Pepper experienced some hurricane damage! The plywood fell on her bowl while we were taking it off the windows.

Thanks to everyone that checked in...
Lights Out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Vacancy...

For anyone named IKE!

It looks like it is heading up our back yard!

Gas: Check (not that there is any around but premium)

Trampoline: Check (it is flat and tied to the tree)

Back yard clear: Check (now lets hope the neighbors did too)

Groceries: Check (we do have a gas stove and peanut butter! I don't eat potted meat)

Laundry: Check (don't want to wear stinky drawers)

Ply Wood: Check (in the back of Chuck's truck. It will cover all those windows tonight!)

And where are WE? School! Work! I have carpool then we are heading home! It will be a busy night, and we are all off tomorrow! We will be home!

Positively thinking... I hope to have lots of family time, scrabble time, scrapping time, and just enjoy being together and safe! DON'T MESS WITH ME, IKE!

Lights Out (a little too ominous)

Monday, September 08, 2008

This is CRAZY!

I know I haven't posted in ages! I haven't READ blogs in ages! In fact, I haven't talked to my mom in what seems like ages! And we usually talk 2-3 times a DAY!
Life just got crazy, not really complicated, but definitely crazy!
School started, my MIL got sick, life continues! I just seem like I am whining!
The kids did start school with a bang! They are both having a blast. T loves his new teacher and is finding new friends! E is enjoying 7th grade (although maybe not having her own mom as her 1st period teacher), and took to cross country again this year! Man that Monkey is fast!

My MIL is doing better, they have her in a rehab hospital and we hope to have her home within the next few weeks. Her spirits are much better than we can hope for. She just wants to come home.

I actually scrapped this past weekend, for no one but ME! It was truly fun! And the layouts are not outstanding, but I scrapped, and I love the monkey face in them!

That is all I can think of for now!

Lights Out!