Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Vacancy...

For anyone named IKE!

It looks like it is heading up our back yard!

Gas: Check (not that there is any around but premium)

Trampoline: Check (it is flat and tied to the tree)

Back yard clear: Check (now lets hope the neighbors did too)

Groceries: Check (we do have a gas stove and peanut butter! I don't eat potted meat)

Laundry: Check (don't want to wear stinky drawers)

Ply Wood: Check (in the back of Chuck's truck. It will cover all those windows tonight!)

And where are WE? School! Work! I have carpool then we are heading home! It will be a busy night, and we are all off tomorrow! We will be home!

Positively thinking... I hope to have lots of family time, scrabble time, scrapping time, and just enjoy being together and safe! DON'T MESS WITH ME, IKE!

Lights Out (a little too ominous)


Anonymous said...

Stay safe!! My parents are in the same process as yall are. They started boarding up windows today. We've lived in Pecan Grove 17 years and have NEVER done that. I really want to go home and ride it out with them or have my mom come here. Neither is an option apparently. Keep us posted!!!!! "See" ya in a few days!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Stay safe!! Praying it isn't as bad as predicted.

Angie said...

Hope to see you on all safe and sound soon. Enjoy the family time as best as you can.

Lyn said...

thinking of you and your family... stay safe!