Tuesday, February 09, 2010

At the edge of your seat?

I know you all have been DYING to see all these photos I have been promising... Well, don't want to disappoint you one bit! Below see the images of T's Valentine's box! Not a stitch of pink or purple was to go onto this box! I wrapped the box and cut the hole in the top. Using my anitquated MM foam stamps, T and I stamped his name on the box... then I left the room. Next thing I know, Chuck and T are talking skulls and crossbones! Tim Holtz to the rescue! They painted them metallic black and used steel wool to add the red. He is so proud of his "Guy Box!"

Then... since I wasn't really allowed to do anything active, I decided to make 25 of these bad boys! I took a 6X6 piece of cardstock, rolled them into rolls and cross pinched the ends at cross angles to make little pillow pockets. Used my crimper to crimp the ends (helped with the glue) and added tags! I used EYELETS! There are lollipops and Hershey kisses stuffed into each pocket, and T added the names of his classmates to the tags! Doesn't it remind you of those Minute Maid popsicles from when we were kids? Man, those were good!

And here is Little Man as a Centenarian. They celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as 100 year old people. The kids were adorable! I wish I had permission to show you his classmates! Just too cute! His hair is painted grey, but it didn't show up very well in the photo!
I can barely imagine him as almost 8... stop growing up Little Man! He does have the grumpy old man look down pat!

What will tomorrow offer... another day... another dollar... Day two of work post surgery was a smashing success! Still stayed away from pain pills... two more days of steroids! Update later!
Lights Out!

Monday, February 08, 2010

First Engagement Shoot!

Be kind... this is the first ever that comes out of MY camera... just a sneak peak, because this one was my absolute favorite! They were so fun to work with. She is the counselor at my school and I have known her for about three years... I had NO idea what his personality would be like... Boy did he put me at ease... QUICK!

She has already printed, sent, and framed all the ones I got... I was pretty pleased, two of her friends and grandmother said they look just like a professional did it! OK, that made me grin!

Still need to find T's 100 years, but I will add it when I add his Totally "GUY" Valentine's Day box that he did with his dad! I only wrapped the box... oh, and warned his teacher! Will take photos of those tonight!

Back at school today... ONE week post-op! I feel great... I am tired, and can tell I am not 100%, but I did it! I proved people wrong, and I am BACK! With a new BACK! hehe

Lights Out!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010


OK, so... how did you spend your last birthday? I spent mine having back surgery. Went in at 5:15AM and was home before the kids got home from school. My great SIL met us at the house at 4:30 so we could head to the med center and she could get the kids to school.

I guess the surgery went as expected... they did have to do a little extra that I don't quite understand, but I am hoping at post-op he can explain what is going on. I really just want to know my future limitations, etc. He lowered my steroids and I will be off of them in TEN days. Maybe this puffiness can go away!

Today I am sitting up and pretty much going about my daily business. I get fussed at, because everyone thinks I am doing too much... but I need to feel normal. The pain I have had is GONE! Now I have the pain from the jackhammering on my back... but I know that pain will subside with time... Still on quite a few meds... but that gets lowered as the days go by as well! And I finally got a shower...

Sorry for the photoless updates... I did do an actual engagement shoot for a colleague of mine, if I can get her permission, I will show some sneaks of those...

And T had his 100 day of school today, and they dressed up as Centenarians... he was absolutely adorable... When I get those off the camera, I will post my Little "old" Man as well!

Lights Out!