Thursday, September 27, 2007

This lady must LIVE in my house...

I know I have said at least HALF of THIS during the times I have been a mom...

Lights Out!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just amazing...

In today's time of technological advancement, that there are actual villages that do not even have pottable water! How is that? Our school (as well as the other nine schools in our group) had a Walk-A-Thon to help raise money for a "play pump"... haven't heard of it! Well, they install a merry-go-round in the yard, and every rotation of the "toy" creates a pump to draw water out from beneath the ground and sends it to a treatment center... so a little play creates usable water for this little village to have! It is just amazing to me!
There is an armored truck coming to pick up the donations... I will let you know how much we collected and then we should also know how much was collected by all the schools combined! Just Cool!

Lights Out!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is what old people... and other photo ramblings...

OK, so little man is stuck hanging out all afternoon waiting for big sis to finish her different after school activities. So... while we kicked back yesterday, he pulls out my sunglasses and says... this is what old people look like when they wear glasses! Where does he get this stuff?

You probably will get tired of hearing/seeing about running, but I am a dorky photo mom, and can't help it. Besides... caught E in good form yesterday... this is after about FOUR miles of running! Wanted them to have a little artsy feel... I have a layout in mind for these photos... titled "You run like a girl... and that rocks!" Thanks to a layout from SB etc!

Then... once again, waiting for big sis, I got a series of photos. T thought he would get E's bag, so she could cool off... Then he just went into "boy zone!" Layout to come titled, "down time!"

Took this one on the way to school... Quite blinding that early on... but so thought provoking!

Now to find the time to scrap!

Lights Out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Fire Cracker!

Not as impressive as Cass's photos... but here is my little fire cracker! Check out those sexy uniforms! Here she is from LAST week... we had a heat index of 105, and she busted a$$ running a mile and a half in 12:15 As a mom, I just wanted to grab her and tell her she never had to run again! When she finished... she was all smiles and said she couldn't wait for the next time! I am telling you... a tough cookie!
Here she was yesterday... it was still hot, but the humidity was down a bit... And hearing her time, I think she took a little walk! But isn't she adorable? Maybe I should start joining her at night!

Got some scrappy ideas going... Now to find the time! I gave myself a huge "relief" the other day, and just decided on some things! Man, it feels good to now I am free of that! Will update later! Nothing life altering or changing... just need to make the contacts first!

Lights Out!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Take a moment...

to remember! At least we still have the moment! Today is a hard day for me. I wasn't there when it happened, I didn't lose anyone to the towers, I haven't lost a family member to the war... but it is still a hard day for me.

I remember CLEARLY watching it on TV. My precious 7th graders watching with me in horror as the 2nd tower is hit. Trying to give them comfort at the confusion no one was understanding. All I wanted to do was to get my family close. But you know what... we are strong! I truly believe that! We are strong people, we are a strong nation! I know that we are stronger now than we were!

God Bless America... and prayers to those that were lost or are living without their loved ones!

Lights Out!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I am NOT ready...

for her to grow up. School photos were yesterday. The kidlets had to wear their dress uniforms, and now my kidlet has one of those! I am not ready for the maturity I see sneaking in through those eyes! Almost twelve years she has been my baby, and I am NOT giving that up! I will go kicking and screaming!
Lights Out!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I am alive...

OMG... I haven't scrapped in almost TWO months! With back to school gifts, projects, and clients, I haven't been able to scrap in ages! So... I hunkered down in my studio and got busy!

Most of these are for back to school... I decided to take a picture of my classroom before the year starts and I get it going! VERY simple!
This is the layout I did for T being in kindergarten! Look familiar? I semi-copied the layout I did for E for middle school!
The first day of school! I just loved them all lined up ready in their cute little uniforms! And they BOTH cooperated!
This one I did some time back, but I needed REAL tiles for the title! Found them! Tee Hee! I did this for Origin's challenge a while back!
I plan on working on my October class layouts for Maridawn's, and my projects for our school Gala. I will do a scrapbook clinic again this year! It seems to always be a hit!
For now...
Lights Out!