Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just amazing...

In today's time of technological advancement, that there are actual villages that do not even have pottable water! How is that? Our school (as well as the other nine schools in our group) had a Walk-A-Thon to help raise money for a "play pump"... haven't heard of it! Well, they install a merry-go-round in the yard, and every rotation of the "toy" creates a pump to draw water out from beneath the ground and sends it to a treatment center... so a little play creates usable water for this little village to have! It is just amazing to me!
There is an armored truck coming to pick up the donations... I will let you know how much we collected and then we should also know how much was collected by all the schools combined! Just Cool!

Lights Out!


Cassie said...

What an awesome turnout for you guys. :) Great pics.

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! Looks like tons of people showed up!