Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is what old people... and other photo ramblings...

OK, so little man is stuck hanging out all afternoon waiting for big sis to finish her different after school activities. So... while we kicked back yesterday, he pulls out my sunglasses and says... this is what old people look like when they wear glasses! Where does he get this stuff?

You probably will get tired of hearing/seeing about running, but I am a dorky photo mom, and can't help it. Besides... caught E in good form yesterday... this is after about FOUR miles of running! Wanted them to have a little artsy feel... I have a layout in mind for these photos... titled "You run like a girl... and that rocks!" Thanks to a layout from SB etc!

Then... once again, waiting for big sis, I got a series of photos. T thought he would get E's bag, so she could cool off... Then he just went into "boy zone!" Layout to come titled, "down time!"

Took this one on the way to school... Quite blinding that early on... but so thought provoking!

Now to find the time to scrap!

Lights Out!

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Cassie said...

I still am just digging that last picture, it totally rocks. You got me to thinking of spots I can go to try and get that sunset pic.