Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coming out from a deep dark hole...

in the middle of the Earth somewhere. I know it has been ages since you have last heard/read dribble flowing from my fingertips. Some of you may actually have been rejoicing... if that is the case, why do you come to see if it is there? I digress!

I do check my blog list almost daily, and I am constantly unnerved at the many of you all that rarely update your blogs. I need that info to keep me going! Once again, I digress... but... seriously, how many of you all NEED my updates to keep you going! You all ARE my addiction! But then, after reading your blogs, I start to realize what a boring mundane world I actually live in. For me... not so boring, in fact, I love it, just can't keep up with it! Have you all ever read The Pioneer Woman's blog? OMG... you will never come back to my world after reading hers! Her link is over there ----> Check her out! But please come back here and do not expect that level of entertainment from me! I don't have that much going on!

So... what has been going on? You would think after 24 days of not hearing from me, I would have so much to post... not so much!

Kidlet # 1 ~ Track season is over! Isn't she adorable? She came in fifth in conference for the 1200! That is 3/4 of a mile, and she ran it in 4:54 Not her best time, but I am NOT going to persuade any of you to think otherwise... how many of you can run three laps around a football field in that time, and barely break a sweat OR sound like a prank call in the middle of the night? I can't! She can! And do it well!

Kidlet #2 ~ He is just skating through life on the heals of his bigger sister. Basically, where ever she goes or needs to go, he is right there! He spends more time at her activities than any five year old needs to! However, knowing that he isn't the only younger sibling in this world, there are probably multitudes for him to converse with! Can we say group therapy?

He was able to go on a field trip to our aquarium with his class, and I got to chaperone! Not often when I get excited about going on a school bus full of people under the age of, say THIRTY, and enjoy it! However, look at this guy...

Me ~ Following said kidlets where they must go... And, the looming thing? That dreaded Spring Trip! Remember above paragraph's mentioning of kids and school busses? Well, this trip, I load up 70 7th graders on two coach style busses and we cruise around Texas for four days and three nights! I have eight other teachers with me for this LONG days/SHORT nights expedition! I survive every year; however, I am a mess the weeks before. I have been planning this trip since the Monday after we returned from last years trip. But this month leading up to the trip is a stressful time! There is so much riding on ME for that week, my hubby and kids do NOT like me going (ok, #1 could care less because SHE is going on her spring trip at the same time), and I don't like being away from them!

On top of that, it is National Poetry Month, and we hit it full force! The day before our trip, I fill my classroom with the kids, their poetry books, AND THEIR PARENTS! Why I do this... because the parents LOVE it! 48 kids, 24 poems a piece, scrapbooking... Yep, that is 1,152 poems I read in a matter of a month! All student written!

And... have you SEEN Go. Be. Creative's May kit! It is LUSCIOUS! The papers are amazing enough, but then the stamp? Wow! The add ons? Wow! But even more... Tam's Whatchamadoodles journaling boxes! WAY WOW! Click on the site's name and you can see the journaling spots!

I will never be a Cass, but I am also trying to self teach myself how to use PSE 6! After playing with it, I am really loving it! I took and altered those photos of the kidlets! I love it!
OK, now if THAT isn't enough of an update... then go read Ree's stuff on The Pioneer Woman!

Lights Out!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It is APRIL!

And April Fool's Day at that!

Cass has a Monday Mallyism... so how about Tuesdays with Trav? Today he shows up in my room ten minutes before we are to leave. I am trying to be patient, knowing one wrong turn and the day will go down FAST (I live with a family of NON MORNING people)! So... I ask him gently why he isn't dressed yet, we need to be leaving soon! He gets this HUGE grin on his face, pulls up his PJ shirt to show me his uniform, and yells "April Fools, Mommy!" I just cracked up! He was SO proud of himself!

April 1st ALSO means that I get to reveal my Go Be Creative projects! Well, TWO of them... since I am somehow having camera issues. Haven't taken photos of my other goodies!

Layout #1! This is the four of us... the grass was dead, but after playing with PSE6, I got it green! :) Isn't the kit yummy! I partial stamped the word with chalk ink!

This is what I did for the April challenge for GBC! It looks LOVERLY in my scrap room! Check out the challenge... **I will post the link after I post the challenge** I used the black chipboard from the add-ons and used Glossy Accents to make them pop!

Lights Out!