Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It is APRIL!

And April Fool's Day at that!

Cass has a Monday Mallyism... so how about Tuesdays with Trav? Today he shows up in my room ten minutes before we are to leave. I am trying to be patient, knowing one wrong turn and the day will go down FAST (I live with a family of NON MORNING people)! So... I ask him gently why he isn't dressed yet, we need to be leaving soon! He gets this HUGE grin on his face, pulls up his PJ shirt to show me his uniform, and yells "April Fools, Mommy!" I just cracked up! He was SO proud of himself!

April 1st ALSO means that I get to reveal my Go Be Creative projects! Well, TWO of them... since I am somehow having camera issues. Haven't taken photos of my other goodies!

Layout #1! This is the four of us... the grass was dead, but after playing with PSE6, I got it green! :) Isn't the kit yummy! I partial stamped the word with chalk ink!

This is what I did for the April challenge for GBC! It looks LOVERLY in my scrap room! Check out the challenge... **I will post the link after I post the challenge** I used the black chipboard from the add-ons and used Glossy Accents to make them pop!

Lights Out!


Musicmom-Amy said...

Oh, very nice!

Jeanne said...

wow those came out great!! love the shadows!

Cassie said...

LOVE that layout, and the pic was too cool. awesome idea.

looking forward to the next tuesday with trav.

Anonymous said...

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