Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So... I decided to give ONE more DT call a try! I had lurked on their site for some time, and really liked what I saw... so I went for it... after MUCH pushing from Cass! So... six weeks later, and I feel like I have gotten to know the ladies pretty well, but knowing that she is inundated with entries, and only needed TWO... I didn't feel good about it, YET again!

But, as I was scrubbing my little potties last night, the phone call came! I almost collapsed! I am now a PROUD DT MEMBEr of the cutest little kit club called Go. Be Creative.
I can't wait to design with these great kits. We start in January! Her December kit is HOT, but sadly it is already sold out! If you get a chance head on over there and check them out!
Wow... I am still in shock, and am thrilled that they chose me! I feel like a kid in a candy store...
Lights Out

Monday, November 19, 2007


My baby turned TWELVE today! TWELVE! Twelve years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! She was healthy, she was LOUD, she was beautiful! Twelve years later, and she is still the very same!

So many thoughts pouring through my brain right now, but for now... I am just so very proud and happy to be the mom to this little lady!

I love you, Baby Girl!

Lights Out


The Mojo is visiting...

It is official, I am now a proud scrapping member of the design team for A Scrap Affair, our new lss down the street from me... can you say FOUR miles? Anyway, I went in to sign my contract, and they gave me the goodies to work with... The Christmas line from Love, Elsie and the Charlotte line from Scenic Route!

When I got home, my mojo was visiting! I have been so busy! There are two cards that I made but the photos didn't turn out. I also have another layout I am trying to work out! But here are the three layouts and clipboard I did!


Celebrate Life



I hope to get many more projects done this week! Mom is coming in tomorrow for the day and night. Off to shop, scrap, and play!

Lights Out!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Yep, count them... Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and SUNDAY! I am off for ALL of those days!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! From my Pilgrim to yours...

Lights out!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where do I begin?

Lightning round... Question... What have I been up to? Answer...



Scrappy Arts

A Scrap Affair

Oh, did you want details? hmmm that will take a bit more time, and photos!

Egypt ~ E has a project due Thursday on Egypt! She decided to create the Sphinx. This has consumed a minimum of TWO weekends! The project plus book was DONE as of Sunday night, just waiting for transport to school! Yahooooo!

Basketball ~ Our first game was last night, and even if the score wasn't pretty, the girls were adorable! I am catching on to all that is basketball! I don't get it! Wasn't my sport! Does she PLAY my sport! NOPE! So I just sit and cheer when the other parents do!

Scrappy Arts ~ We are having a fun November contest. Come check out the homepage and see what it is! I KNOW you have stories out there... come share them with us!

A Scrap Affair ~ And FINALLY... the grand finale of it all! I am so stoked. The new LSS (A Scrap Affair) down the stree from my house (literally FOUR miles) asked me to teach AND be on their design team! I hope I can do them proud! They are a cute store and the sisters that own the store are just the cutest things!

And... in case anyone was wondering... way back in my tagged post where I said I had my mammogram... It is perfect! Now go make the appointment for YOURS! Do it for your family!

Now, if you aren't bored enough... wake up enough to comment, and then...

Lights Out


Monday, November 05, 2007


It is funny, but today is a weird day. I am sad, proud, worried, and concerned. Probably quite a few more feelings I can't put names to. My BABY BROTHER shipped out yesterday. He is a helicopter pilot for the Marines, and he has been shipped out to protect this wonderful country we call home! I am sad that he will be put in harm's way! I am proud that he is doing this for those of us benefitting our freedom! I am worried for his wife and our mom! I am concerned for not knowing the future!

My brother was BORN to do this. He was born and raised a military "brat" and knew early on that this was the life for him. He is living his dream! I know he will be safe, use his head, and come home to us! But I do feel bad for his wife and our mom! Kerri is from a small town here in Texas and is now away from her loved ones while her husband is gone! Think of her!
All for now...
Lights Out!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


And some scrapping too!

I have decided that "rushing" is crazy... E had bball practice until 6:30, so Chuck and she didn't get home until 7PM. Kids were already ringing the doorbell, T was trying to get dressed, I had to shove food into both of them, and we finally got the pumpkins carved! Chuck usually does the pumpkins, but he pulled carpool duty... I think I did pretty well! Whatcha think? These kits are great!

Also got some "rough" photos of the kids with their costumes... Aren't they just adorable?

And... I got TWO layouts done last Sunday! Finally got shots of them both! I am not sure how it happened, but one of them has absolutely NO patterned paper on it! I am pretty pleased with them both! I am feeling more "at home" with this new style that I have seemed to fit into!

Lights Out!