Monday, July 26, 2010

What a week...

It was full of baseball, scrapping, and high temps! Susan over at Simply Obsessed put on a great Pre-Crop list of challenges to get us geared up for the week. I showed you one of the layouts I got done from the pre-crop, so here are the rest.

A PARTY in my Garden: This layout was based on the Luau Challenge. I pulled the colors from the picture and turned it into this! I took these photos of all the flowers we had growing in our garden this past spring! I am glad I did because the summer heat isn't treating them very nicely!
I only got TWO of the crop challenges done because the rest of the weekend was run by baseball... more on that below.
TreasurE: This was the sketch challenge posted by Susan. I have been doing a ton of multi-photo layouts, so it was a blast to get back to my fave One photo layout. BG paper fit the photo of the kids perfectly. The photo was for the July Photo challenge. July 4th up at Mom's!
Summer Lovin': The other challenge that grabbed my heart was the summer hobbies layout. I took a photo of all the things I love to do during the summer. Then scrapped the heck out of it. The layout was lifted from SB Etc August

And here is why scrapping took a back seat! T's select baseball team took home a third championship of the summer. They played five undefeated games to get there! Luckily we have a break this weekend before two more to round out the summer tournament season. Fall will have fewer tournaments and more growth for the team!

Off to get the house in shape after ignoring it lately!

Lights Out!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration anyone?

Go check out Simply Obsessed! They are having a July crop this weekend. The pre-crop is going on right now, and there are already some GREAT challenges! Susan (SO DT member) is really coming up with some great ideas!

This was the mystery challenge Walk the Plank ended up after scraplifting my assigned layout by Karry Weaver. Here is her layout, and this is mine!

I am working on the Luau challenge right now... didn't think I had anything to work with... NOPE... I am telling you, this crop is pushing my mojo!

So come scrap with us...

Lights Out


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Deep Contemplation...

I know... it doesn't happen much, but tell me this... how did this little guy get to be EIGHT? It just seems like yesterday that he was this small! He is a great kid, and I am not just saying that because I am his mom!
So... EIGHT things about T:
1. Will melt your heart with his smile
2. Still loves to hold my hand and give me kisses
3. So very smart (it is scary really)
4. Could play with Legos for HOURS and makes amazing things with them
5. A natural baseball player and loves the sport
6. Gets along with everyone but is really shy
7. Just the happiest kid ever
8. Gives the BEST hugs!
So... big man... Happy Birthday to you! You and your sister are the joys to our days! Thanks for being MINE!

Went to Mom's last weekend, and boy was there some mojo there! I got four layouts (well, three complete ones and a partial one I had already started) done! They are mostly quick and easy layouts, but I am really pleased with them!
It's all in the Name: T played for a short stint on another select team.
It was the first time to have his name on his jersey! And boys does it look good!
D-Backs: This was the spring season at our little league. It was a rough season
with only two wins, but I think it is good for them to get the good
with the bad. Lesson learned.
July layout challenge at Simply Obsessed
Remember the Moments: E's photos taken right before graduation in our
front yard... I TOOK THESE! I want her to remember everything
that got her to where she is today!
100 days: T's 100th day of school, all the first graders dressed up like centenarians.
Hysterical. July sketch challenge at Simply Obsessed

Off to a baseball tournament this weekend... wish those boys luck for another championship! Hoping to see Despicable Me tomorrow for T's bday! Let see how that works out! That is all from my part of the world...
Lights Out!