Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ahhh... Fall hits Houston...

And it is ABOUT time!

I know I said I would add some photos to yesterday's post, and I still might! I have some great ones to add... but for now, check out these fall beauties!

In between a very "sad day in Mudville" and getting dresses for an 8th grade party, and another practice, and a date with Little Man, I sneaked some time in the pumpkin patch! I am pretty darned pleased with what I got!

It sure made the loss this morning sting a little less for me. I am not upset that they lost. I am upset at how they lost. These are kids... seven year olds! They should not have to fight the umpire to win a game. Both teams played their hearts out... our little first place Cubs against the second place Phillies. Would we have won if the ump hadn't called all those bad calls... Who knows... but we would have had more of a chance! One more game, guys! One more game! You are still in first place in the league and in all our hearts!

Little Misses... I am amazed at the young ladies you all have turned into. I have watched you all grow up for the last ten years, and am so proud of all that you all have accomplished. May the four of you be life long friends.

Now... I am off to go pick you all up from the dance!

Lights Out!


Friday, October 23, 2009


This is pretty indicative of my life lately!

Kids: GREAT! E has been running cross country and leading the 8th grade team... exhausts me just telling you about it! She has made her very best time the past two races and is headed to conference meet on Tuesday! First round of report cards made us all smile! We are so proud of her!

T is finishing up fall ball in Little League and with two games left in this season, they are 6-0! Pretty exciting... Two weeks into games, he was asked to join a select team. It is pretty cool... a little more hard core than we expected... but we signed up. We will see how this works... as long as he is having fun we will take on the ride! His first round of report cards also brought all smiles... what a great set of kids I have!

Us: GREAT! Between work... kids' sports... homework... dinners... it is just nice to find that place at the end of the day! Love you, Postie!

Work: Exhausting. I have never worked as hard as I have this year... but in all honesty... despite the craziness that has come down from the "powers that be," the students I have this year are amazing. I actually feel like I have a relationship with these kids. They are just fun and really want to learn... I mean, who wants to learn about intransitive verbs on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Yeah, I know it sounds like a dream, and I probably could have convinced them to do something else, but they were actually paying attention and trying! Great kids!

Home: Needs a good cleaning, laundry is ready to be done, and the dog has painted my kitchen floors with muddy foot prints... but it is ours! The roof isn't leaking, the family is here, and it is HOME! Love being here!

Family: Everyone is happy, healthy, and just enjoying life!

Scrapping: Despite the non-stop activity in this life, sanity does need to be maintained! Scrapping to the rescue! Have had quite a bit of luck completing things in spurts! Next task... Christmas cards!

This post seems awful boring... maybe I need to add some photos! Yeah... photos would make it perfect! But not at this hour!

Lights Out!