Thursday, December 16, 2010

For MOM!

One of the hardest things for me to accept about mom "retiring" and moving away, is the fact that she never gets to see my tree. So... this post is for her!

Chuck came home one Friday evening a tad bit later than usual. Said it was a long drive home. Then he took us out to his truck to see what held him up... This MONSTER of a tree! It has to be the biggest one we have ever had! We have TEN foot ceilings! Needless to say, the top had to be lopped off!

Now we are very traditional when it comes to tree decorations! I like my lights white! I have a ribbon chain that is from 1972 that I made with my mother when we were waiting for my little brother to be born. It has been added to, fixed, and adjusted MANY times. But it will always go on the tree! We have ornaments that are hand made from Chuck's and my elementary school days. Probably the most treasured items! Hand made ornaments from our kids' art activities are also on there. Then we kept the tradition that our parents sort of started. When we got married, we each received a box of ornaments that were "ours" growing up. We have also started that with our kids. These are the ornaments for this year...

E's is a stopwatch to represent her running. Haven't figured out which event/run/race to personalize it with!

T's is a snow man made from baseballs with bats for hands. Anyone that knows us knows that running and baseball consume our family right now!

When the kids found the lamp ornament from our favorite Christmas movie A Christmas Story we knew Chuck HAD to have it! And my obsession for snowmen could NOT let me pass up these furry little guys! There are THREE of them, and they are just too adorable!

OK, so there is our tree... The fam? Well... E turned 15 and is always a willing participant with my camera! Mom has one of the shots in the calendar, so I do not want to ruin that one! Here is another of my faves! She is also a willing participant in T's fan club! However, she was not pleased that the temperatures were in the low 40's! That is football weather, not baseball! She was buried and covered the entire game! I don't know where those green eyes came from, but they melt my heart! And those freckles! :) And what would be a weekend without baseball? Cold or not T was rocking the diamond! This hit was yanked out of the sky by a TEN foot eight-year-old (ok, he was just big). It should have been at least a double!
And here is his attempt at catching a fly foul ball! It was IN his glove untill he hit the ground hard! Balls tend to bounce when that happens! But it was an amazing attempt! He never ceases to amaze me! Just love that enthusiasm!

Then we can NOT forget our four legged friend. The kids found this headband in the decoration boxes. I guess their first instinct was to put it on Pepper!I still can not believe that she was a willing participant! Until she headed out the dog door. The funny thing, it has bells on it, and when she hears the bells, she comes running and sits in front of you. Well, she did that day! Chuck said we are humiliating her. I say NOT!

Might have to be all for this December update! Go grab a spiced apple cider and find a good book!

Lights Out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cards...

for the most of you, the cards are in the mail, your mailbox, or you have already opened them. So excited with how the photos turned out. I showed the three final photos to Chuck and let him pick the card photo... here are the others! The top one was my favorite, but only because I loved the accidental background. If you heard the story from the kids you would have thought we were in the house of a serial killer! :)

I am so excited about the M. I had a wild hair and Chuck helped me make it! Now it is decor in my scraproom!

I still have quite a few to mail out, but waiting on addresses, a spare moment, or to see if you still exist!

Three more days of school then we are off on holiday break! Wish it was from practices as well, but at least we get a school break. Something is better than nothing!

If you don't hear from me before Christmas/New Years then Happy Holidays to all of you!

Lights Out!