Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cards...

for the most of you, the cards are in the mail, your mailbox, or you have already opened them. So excited with how the photos turned out. I showed the three final photos to Chuck and let him pick the card photo... here are the others! The top one was my favorite, but only because I loved the accidental background. If you heard the story from the kids you would have thought we were in the house of a serial killer! :)

I am so excited about the M. I had a wild hair and Chuck helped me make it! Now it is decor in my scraproom!

I still have quite a few to mail out, but waiting on addresses, a spare moment, or to see if you still exist!

Three more days of school then we are off on holiday break! Wish it was from practices as well, but at least we get a school break. Something is better than nothing!

If you don't hear from me before Christmas/New Years then Happy Holidays to all of you!

Lights Out!

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