Monday, July 30, 2007

Whatcha Think?

Just playing around, and I had two SEMI-cooperative kidlets...

Just wanted to try something different, and it is WAY too hot to try anything outside! I would do anything to have some of these amazing photo spots that I see on all these other photography sites! Have you SEEN Cassie's latest! Wow! Ok, so I KNOW I am not there, yet!
Now to convince T that he really DOES want to have his five year portraits done!

Lights Out!


Just call me chicken...

OK, I had EVERY intention of applying for the Memory Makers Masters contest! I think I can do it! I have my layouts done, have NOT posted them for anyone to see, just need to get them in the mail! So... I check the rules again... I have to MAIL my one layout to them! Are they crazy, I don't get it back either! I can't do it! I don't have THAT much faith in me to do that!

So... Here are some of the layouts I have been working on... some of them for the contest, some for classes, some just fun scraplifts... but here they are!

Just Smile!

Nothing but Air
I Wish 4 the Record

1 Sweet Thing


You @ Eleven

Chuck's Tray

Tray for my school desk!

Maybe if I am feeling like it, I will come back and label all these things! You know, tell you what is what!

Off to defrag my computer... and then I will post vacation photos!

Lights out!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cutest thing...

OK, my super sweet, totally cute, amazingly talented sis-in-law is making the coolest purses and bags! This is the photo of her on her website Go check her goodies out! That is only a SAMPLING of the talent she has! I wish I was that talented! Starting to get excited again! We have an alternative plan for our trip! We are heading to see Shamu in San Antonio, and then to New Braunfels and a romp through the original Schlitterbahn! That place looks so cool on the website! Maybe NEXT year we can actually plan far enough ahead of time and get a resort spot! Then will hit some of the caverns around there since we can't go to Carlsbad... I think it is a suitable trip for us all! We will be saving a fortune in gas and hotel nights (staying three less nights)

Lights Out!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


OK, so Cass and I were planning this fun get together! We have known each other for almost 3 and a half years... so we thought it was time to get the families together! We were going to meet in Santa Fe and take the kids river rafting... hang out for a couple of nights, and then hit the rest of the vacation on our own! Sounds ideal... right? Sounds fun... right? Well... pooh! Something came up and now Cassie and her clan can't go... We are so sad, but we are determined to be "team players" at this point! We promise, Keith, we are rooting for you and I will prove to you that I am not a 70-year-old psycho man from Mississippi one day! I bet you can hardly wait!

The good news is, we are still off and we can go somewhere, so now to find a place that isn't all booked up by other people that have had their plans in place since APRIL! Yep, that is how long we had been planning this!

Have some ideas, going to check them out tonight, and see what we can do and still have some fun! I love ya, Cass... ONE DAY! And there is already OCTOBER! Do you have your tickets reserved?

Lights Out!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Beware! Mindless Rambling to follow...

Ok, so I really do NOT drink that liquid sludge that quite a few Americans indulge in known as coffee! I only frequent a certain named coffee shop to empty the gift cards that my sweet students give me during the school year... they have great chai's there! However, I always DO root for the little guys... those mom and pop coffee shops that dare go against big corporate world... I quite often look and wonder what their ad campaigns are for them to get their names out there and have people choose them... Well... THIS place takes the cake! If it were actually in my commuting route... I would stop!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Two in ONE!

OK, just going through more photos from yesterday! T has been asking for a pirate suit! He is everything pirates right now... Just found this little accident! Is he just NOT the cutest pirate out there?

Lights Out!


I just can't fathom this idea! My baby is FIVE! Yesterday was HIS day! And he couldn't have been prouder! This was first thing yesterday! Kindergarten here we come! OK... even in print that just doesn't seem possible!

We headed outside the other day in a lull in the rain (we had 22 days of rain out of 26 days)... But the boy HAD to run! And run straight to a puddle... Can you say that he had a blast! I know my camera and I did... Boy did he FEED my photography thrills!
We booked some of our hotels this morning! In less than TWO weeks we are heading to New Mexico! I can't wait to see Cass and her Crew! Talking about photos! Off to scrap the ones on my table... I spend way too much time here!

Lights Out!