Monday, July 09, 2007


I just can't fathom this idea! My baby is FIVE! Yesterday was HIS day! And he couldn't have been prouder! This was first thing yesterday! Kindergarten here we come! OK... even in print that just doesn't seem possible!

We headed outside the other day in a lull in the rain (we had 22 days of rain out of 26 days)... But the boy HAD to run! And run straight to a puddle... Can you say that he had a blast! I know my camera and I did... Boy did he FEED my photography thrills!
We booked some of our hotels this morning! In less than TWO weeks we are heading to New Mexico! I can't wait to see Cass and her Crew! Talking about photos! Off to scrap the ones on my table... I spend way too much time here!

Lights Out!

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