Friday, October 10, 2008

Take that...

Where to start...

First, so Lainey doesn't have to bury herself in this post to find my entry... here is the card I created for my Mom on WCMD last Saturday. Thanks for the great sketch, Mom loved her card!

Secondly, today is this woman's birthday! She is an amazing human being, and I really don't think I would be who I am today if it wasn't for her. She was always there for me growing up. She supports me in all I do without telling me I am crazy (heck, half she does with me... our master's program, scrapping), and best of all, she doesn't gloat when I talk about how hard it is to raise a soon-to-be-teenager and that she made it through it! I love you, Mom! Sorry it is the only photo I have on my computer... but... we ARE wearing graduation caps and scrappy stuff! hehe

Thirdly... check out our little man! He originally wanted to be a storm trooper from Star Wars. However, the ones at the costume shops were a little lame looking OR they were $60 bucks! As we were walking around, he saw a "really cool gun" like the soldiers wear! And the idea was launched that he would be an "army man" Well, I have nothing against army men, but I am the daughter of an Air Force dude, and a sister to a MARINE... so... with a little convincing... same costume, he is now a Marine like his Uncle John. No, John, you don't have to burst his bubble and let him know that you wear flight suits and don't regurly dress like this and wear the gun. Just know that he is telling everyone that he is a big ole Marine like his uncle! Gotta love him!

Can you see him? He is hiding there in his camos...

His sad little attempt of a hard core Marine with his "war face!"

And here he is ready to shoot the bad guys!

Gotta love a "man" in uniform!

It is Friday... What else is there to say?

Lights Out!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I challenge YOU!

OK, I posted a challenge over at Scrappy Arts for a layout about YOU! If you aren't a member, register, and I will accept you. You can leave a comment here to let me know you registered! There will be a prize... but after reading about Ali Edward's "Week in the Life," and Stacy Julian's "Give yourself a Present," ideas... then reading a challenge Cathy Zielske had at "The Simple Studio," I decided this would be the BEST challenge! I did it...

Now you do it!

Lights Out!