Thursday, October 02, 2008

I challenge YOU!

OK, I posted a challenge over at Scrappy Arts for a layout about YOU! If you aren't a member, register, and I will accept you. You can leave a comment here to let me know you registered! There will be a prize... but after reading about Ali Edward's "Week in the Life," and Stacy Julian's "Give yourself a Present," ideas... then reading a challenge Cathy Zielske had at "The Simple Studio," I decided this would be the BEST challenge! I did it...

Now you do it!

Lights Out!


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Cracker Scraps said...

How cool! I have a BOM that I started thanks to Scrappy Arts! I'm turning 54 in 15 days. Yikes! Where does the time go! Maybe I need to make a page for such an occasion! Right now I've only done LO's for 40 and 50 plus a number of pages from your challenges and some of my own ideas.

For now the book is in random order. Perhaps I'll put it in chronological order one day!

Wow your kids are getting big!

Long time no chat!