Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cool NEW Stuff

OK, you all know that I am addicted to Go.Be.Creative! Well, Tam is the new Creative Team coordinator over there and is GIVING away a kit! Run over to her blog and sign up! WAIT... don't do that... then I have less of a chance of winning one! I am so missing Lainey's kits since I left the CT! Might have to put my name in the hat for the next round! It is a super fun site, with super creative people, and super AMAZING kits!

And many of you all know how much I love Lain Ehmann, got to meet her at CKC Houston, and then again at CHA! She is just a HOOT! And as many giggles as I get from her blog, I can only imagine her book... YES... I said her book... I can only imagine how funny her book is going to be! She will be taking preorders! You bet my name will be on that list! What a great stocking stuffer as it will be out in time for Christmas!
The Scrap Pink

Not sure I have anything more profound to say at this moment! Yeah, I know, when do I say anything profound? Amy, I know you tagged me, but I still have to answer the questions! And I will be tagging people as well!
Lights Out!


Lainey said...

woo hoo - thanks for the plug, girl! and I am way excited for lain's book too! xoxo

Angie said...

I went anc checked it out, I also said you sent me, so maybe, if I dont win, she will take that into consideration for you to win....

Anonymous said...

It's updated.

Cassie said...


hi pumkin.