Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank you, Ike...

I know some of you all have seen these if you are on either of the boards I frequent, but I am pretty sure there are a handful of you all that DON'T go there, but still read here!

OK, , he came through and left his mark, but I had to make the most of it! I actually did FIVE layouts this past week in six days! That is HUGE for me! And for the most part, I tried something new in each one!

Monday... for the letters, I inked them, but wasn't completely happy with the color... when I did the second color it marbleized... then I tapped a third color! It matches the surfboards perfectly!

Tuesday... nothing new for me, but I did follow a sketch! I am t all that happy with it, but the photo is done, and it needed to be!

Wednesday... I came across this acrylic 12X12 and thought I should give it a go! OMG... I loved it! So much less intimidating than an entire album! This is in the store now! I did add "seventh" handwritten on the 7!

Thursday... OK, told you I loved that acrylic... here is his version. Used the bazzill stitches to sew on this one! I am just giddy about these clear backgrounds.

Friday/Saturday... this one is about ME! a rarity... I hand drew the back ground shape as well! Got the title idea from one of the magazines I was reading last week. Already had the paper! And by far, my fave of the week!

Now to keep up the motivation/mojo/energy/whatever it takes to get some more done!

Lights Out!



Lyn said...

You have been ROCKING the scrapbook table lately! Fabulous! That acrylic album is too cool, and I love your "destination" layout! Hoping to see lots more from you!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Love that acrylic album!!! And what's the update on your roof/kitchen?

PS - You've been "tagged". Don't roll your eyes now, it's about your hubby. Very fun. head over to my blog for your questions.

Cassie said...

VERY cute stuff girlie. I so need you to start scrapping my kids for me. LOL