Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do you SEE this?

This is the latest kit from Go Be Creative! The sad thing... you can only SEE it! March kit sold out FAST! There are still add ons, but sadly you can't love, touch, and fondle the little pieces in this kit! However, I have seen APRIL'S kit, and it is even better! Go... Run... Sign up now!Here are a few of the items I have finished so far with March... Shhh... don't tell Lainey that I am posting these before March 1st! Just go order April!

Patty is having a GREAT altering challenge! The only rule is to alter something... Children of Scrappers everywhere... take cover, not even YOU are safe with this challenge! If you are still enough... you get altered!

The kit had a fun little sewing guide in it! I learned some valuable lessons with this kit... I didn't realize I was that bad at sewing and I have NO patience for knots! I don't think they came out all that bad!

This is my bestest cyber-friend's precious daughter... She took the photo (go check out her work... CLG Photography) and she is simply amazing! I love the baby in the mailbox! WOW, Cass! And these cuties are MY parents! Aren't they adorable! I am not sure that the color of the layout came out right, I might have to shoot another photo of it! The back page is navy swirl... not black! And... I am no Cass, but I took those!

OK, I updated!

Lights Out!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

History according to a FIVE year old...

So... we have Presidents' Day off, and apparently T was learning a little bit in school... He needed to spread the wealth of historical knowledge with us for this fine weekend.

"A long time ago, when Abraham Lincoln turned into a president, he sold the slaves which made everyone mad. One guy even shot him in the back of the head while he was watching a show in the president's seat. The states like Louisiana and Texas moved away!"
I dare ANYONE to challenge this little guy's understanding of what happened so long ago! Gotta love a kid that knows his stuff!

Lights Out!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just wanted to spread some love! How can you not have a happy Valentine's day knowing that these guys are yours!

Just love them to pieces!

For letting me be camera crazy...

For loving me the way I am...

For just being them...

Hope you all get to snuggle with the one you love today!

Lights Out!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Scrappy Updates...

Just thought I would show off a few of my little projects! These are all still mainly from Lainey's great kit over at GBC...

This one is for the February challenge posted by Patty, and it really is something I have wanted to do for a while!
This one is more or less a scraplift from the new CK media Digital Scrapbooking magazine! We got it free at CKC. Mine isn't digital, but the papers worked so well with this idea!
And lastly... This one is for Lyn's cute little C challenge over at her ABC Challenge blog! What? You haven't heard about it? It is great for ideas!
Yesterday we decided to start the home improvement, and fixed the front door! We went from ghetto casual, to sleek and sophisticated! I have the before photo, but it was too dark to take the after. I will do that this afternoon and have a BRAND new blog post tomorrow!
Track starts tonight, so a whole new fodder of photos I am sure will follow!
Lights Out!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Happy to me!

And quite a few more... That is right... I am NOT afraid to mention that I officially turned "old" today! And my beautiful mother posted this over at Scrappy Arts... So I thought I would let the rest of the world see me "nekkid!"

Get your minds out of the gutter... I was only about six months old!
Hope everyone else has a wonderful day! And if you are brave enough to do it, let's see a photo of YOUR baby BUM! Link me to where you post it! Could just be a RAK involved if you so choose to take that challenge!
Lights Out!