Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do you SEE this?

This is the latest kit from Go Be Creative! The sad thing... you can only SEE it! March kit sold out FAST! There are still add ons, but sadly you can't love, touch, and fondle the little pieces in this kit! However, I have seen APRIL'S kit, and it is even better! Go... Run... Sign up now!Here are a few of the items I have finished so far with March... Shhh... don't tell Lainey that I am posting these before March 1st! Just go order April!

Patty is having a GREAT altering challenge! The only rule is to alter something... Children of Scrappers everywhere... take cover, not even YOU are safe with this challenge! If you are still enough... you get altered!

The kit had a fun little sewing guide in it! I learned some valuable lessons with this kit... I didn't realize I was that bad at sewing and I have NO patience for knots! I don't think they came out all that bad!

This is my bestest cyber-friend's precious daughter... She took the photo (go check out her work... CLG Photography) and she is simply amazing! I love the baby in the mailbox! WOW, Cass! And these cuties are MY parents! Aren't they adorable! I am not sure that the color of the layout came out right, I might have to shoot another photo of it! The back page is navy swirl... not black! And... I am no Cass, but I took those!

OK, I updated!

Lights Out!


Lainey said...

Beautiful layouts, Alicia!

Cassie said...

awww you are my best cheerleader girl. LOVE LOVE LOVE my layout, so glad you aer scrapping my kids FOR me. LOL

love you girl.

csimmers said...

I love your layouts. I can't wait to get my kit in the mail!! Cheryl

Karen said...

awesome job Alicia!! isn't this kit beautious!! got mine today!!

Lynmarie said...

your kit work is amazing! good kits certainly go fast!
glad you posted, missed reading your blog!!
i agree that CASSIE's photography is AWESOME!
that baby in the mailbox is a-freaking-dorable!