Thursday, July 12, 2007


OK, so Cass and I were planning this fun get together! We have known each other for almost 3 and a half years... so we thought it was time to get the families together! We were going to meet in Santa Fe and take the kids river rafting... hang out for a couple of nights, and then hit the rest of the vacation on our own! Sounds ideal... right? Sounds fun... right? Well... pooh! Something came up and now Cassie and her clan can't go... We are so sad, but we are determined to be "team players" at this point! We promise, Keith, we are rooting for you and I will prove to you that I am not a 70-year-old psycho man from Mississippi one day! I bet you can hardly wait!

The good news is, we are still off and we can go somewhere, so now to find a place that isn't all booked up by other people that have had their plans in place since APRIL! Yep, that is how long we had been planning this!

Have some ideas, going to check them out tonight, and see what we can do and still have some fun! I love ya, Cass... ONE DAY! And there is already OCTOBER! Do you have your tickets reserved?

Lights Out!

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Cassie said...

I"m so freaking depressed. I think that I"m gonna get a sitter one day for the kids and just ME take off for a day to myself. Uggg.

Can't wait to hear about YOUR vacation. I wanted to go so stinkin bad.

And I need to start pricing tickets for oct.