Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ahhh... Fall hits Houston...

And it is ABOUT time!

I know I said I would add some photos to yesterday's post, and I still might! I have some great ones to add... but for now, check out these fall beauties!

In between a very "sad day in Mudville" and getting dresses for an 8th grade party, and another practice, and a date with Little Man, I sneaked some time in the pumpkin patch! I am pretty darned pleased with what I got!

It sure made the loss this morning sting a little less for me. I am not upset that they lost. I am upset at how they lost. These are kids... seven year olds! They should not have to fight the umpire to win a game. Both teams played their hearts out... our little first place Cubs against the second place Phillies. Would we have won if the ump hadn't called all those bad calls... Who knows... but we would have had more of a chance! One more game, guys! One more game! You are still in first place in the league and in all our hearts!

Little Misses... I am amazed at the young ladies you all have turned into. I have watched you all grow up for the last ten years, and am so proud of all that you all have accomplished. May the four of you be life long friends.

Now... I am off to go pick you all up from the dance!

Lights Out!


1 comment:

Cassie said...

awwwlook how GROWN UP she is.

And that is such a bummer on T's team. But get used to it. LOL It happens often.

Great pictures.

Love you.