Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where do I begin?

Lightning round... Question... What have I been up to? Answer...



Scrappy Arts

A Scrap Affair

Oh, did you want details? hmmm that will take a bit more time, and photos!

Egypt ~ E has a project due Thursday on Egypt! She decided to create the Sphinx. This has consumed a minimum of TWO weekends! The project plus book was DONE as of Sunday night, just waiting for transport to school! Yahooooo!

Basketball ~ Our first game was last night, and even if the score wasn't pretty, the girls were adorable! I am catching on to all that is basketball! I don't get it! Wasn't my sport! Does she PLAY my sport! NOPE! So I just sit and cheer when the other parents do!

Scrappy Arts ~ We are having a fun November contest. Come check out the homepage and see what it is! I KNOW you have stories out there... come share them with us!

A Scrap Affair ~ And FINALLY... the grand finale of it all! I am so stoked. The new LSS (A Scrap Affair) down the stree from my house (literally FOUR miles) asked me to teach AND be on their design team! I hope I can do them proud! They are a cute store and the sisters that own the store are just the cutest things!

And... in case anyone was wondering... way back in my tagged post where I said I had my mammogram... It is perfect! Now go make the appointment for YOURS! Do it for your family!

Now, if you aren't bored enough... wake up enough to comment, and then...

Lights Out



Javajunkie said...

Way to go E! The project looks amazing!

Congrats on the store being so close (so jealous here), but especially the DT spot!

Musicmom-Amy said...

WOW!! E that's an amazing project. An A coming for you ~ for sure!

Congrats on the DT spot. Wish I lived closer.

Angie said...

Glad to hear your mamogram was perfect!! Congrats on the designe team position, and nice project E. Basketball, well itll come to you..Just keep doing what your doing.