Monday, March 31, 2008

Can you say...

SPRING! Photo over load coming! It was just a beautiful weekend! I know that there are people out there still with snow on your driveway... but we are already sweating down here in Texas, so we are taking care of the heat!
E is all about looking good in the water! And except for the close up... nothing was posed!
T is all about being a boy! Once again, NO POSING! Are you kidding... that is like pulling teeth, getting a five year old to pose!

Bad thing, that means shorts weather... my legs are NOT ready for shorts weather! They are pasty white, out of shape, and yes, hairy! I hate shaving, and I all but refuse to during the summer! I digress!

I have been asked where the Easter photos are! I didn't get many traditional shots... Got the egg basket, and the table before the storm, traditional breakfast, and the random blurred kidlets running to find eggs!
Check back tomorrow, and I hope to share some scrappy treats with you!

OK, gotta go find some calories to fill this stomach, and some caffeine to ditch the attitude! How does that sound for a tasty lunch!

Lights Out!



ScrapHappy said...

These are such great photos! Looks like a terrific day. :)

Lyn said...

you got some grrreeeat shots! i am SO jealous that your kids are frolicking around in the water on a hot day! did i tell you J wants to pick up and move us to the South in a few years.... will definitely keep sunny texas on our list!

Musicmom-Amy said...

So jealous of your warm weather. We literally had snow!!! I'll have to post on the blog for comparison!

Great shots!