Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where has the time gone...

Days just seem to pass on top of days! I am not sure how that happens... Last week was Spring Break! I DID get a break from school (a much needed one, I am back with SMILES abound today), however, I did not go anywhere!

I got to work at my new little lss A Scrap Affair during the break! And let me tell you what... for those of you who think working/owning a scrapbook store is a dream job... It is and it isn't! I loved being around Meredith and all the customers! I loved being around all the papers and product! I loved helping people new to the hobby when they came in to "learn", I loved teaching my classes... but it was HARD work! The only scrapping I got done the entire week... my two class samples for April! I think I was more tired after a day at the store, than a week of teaching! But it was good honest fun work! I am in total withdrawals!
Meredith is having a fun Blog Challenge for the month of April! Make sure to check out the store's blog... especially if you are in the neighborhood! She will post it later in the week.
Here are April classes for the store... if you are in the area come on by!
April Cards: (the bottom two cards are inspired by the wonderful sketch artists at Sketch This!)
April Class:

E headed by plane to Louisiana, train to DC, and cabbie to her hotel for the week to spend some touristing time with my sister in law! She had a blast! And I constantly bugged her to death about taking photos! I want her to make a little mini-album for her... and thought she could make one for her aunt and uncle as well! With her gone, T was stuck hanging out at the store with me all week! And you know what? He LOVED every minute of it! He was SO good! I really was shocked at how well behaved he was for a five year old to spend that many hours a day at a store! He did get to spend two days playing with Meredith's boys, and the day that the store was closed, we went to see Horton Hears a Who with Laura and her little guy! It was a GREAT week!
And finally... here is the layout I did last weekend based on the sketch in my last blog post! Whatcha think? Did I do it justice? The cool thing (for me anyway. there is a little food court in the center of the zoo, and their sign looks similar to my title! I just had to use it in the layout)
Hope to have more info soon, and less time in between posts! We did find out that my baby brother is due back in the states early June! Thanks to all who continue to support out troops!
Lights Out!

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