Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Fire Cracker!

Not as impressive as Cass's photos... but here is my little fire cracker! Check out those sexy uniforms! Here she is from LAST week... we had a heat index of 105, and she busted a$$ running a mile and a half in 12:15 As a mom, I just wanted to grab her and tell her she never had to run again! When she finished... she was all smiles and said she couldn't wait for the next time! I am telling you... a tough cookie!
Here she was yesterday... it was still hot, but the humidity was down a bit... And hearing her time, I think she took a little walk! But isn't she adorable? Maybe I should start joining her at night!

Got some scrappy ideas going... Now to find the time! I gave myself a huge "relief" the other day, and just decided on some things! Man, it feels good to now I am free of that! Will update later! Nothing life altering or changing... just need to make the contacts first!

Lights Out!



Anonymous said...

Tell her congrats!! She's better than we are at that running thing. I'm actually not sure I know how to run unless there's food at the end. :-D

Cassie said...

I think they are GREAT andI'm so proud of her.