Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Take a moment...

to remember! At least we still have the moment! Today is a hard day for me. I wasn't there when it happened, I didn't lose anyone to the towers, I haven't lost a family member to the war... but it is still a hard day for me.

I remember CLEARLY watching it on TV. My precious 7th graders watching with me in horror as the 2nd tower is hit. Trying to give them comfort at the confusion no one was understanding. All I wanted to do was to get my family close. But you know what... we are strong! I truly believe that! We are strong people, we are a strong nation! I know that we are stronger now than we were!

God Bless America... and prayers to those that were lost or are living without their loved ones!

Lights Out!

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Lisa said...

I second your sentiments!

I will never forget watching the second plane hit and then crying when the towers fell. I am glad I was at home and not working b/c I could not have concentrated. I am still a licensed RN in NY and I thought I really must just go! Tragically there really wasn't much for the nurses to do.