Monday, February 08, 2010

First Engagement Shoot!

Be kind... this is the first ever that comes out of MY camera... just a sneak peak, because this one was my absolute favorite! They were so fun to work with. She is the counselor at my school and I have known her for about three years... I had NO idea what his personality would be like... Boy did he put me at ease... QUICK!

She has already printed, sent, and framed all the ones I got... I was pretty pleased, two of her friends and grandmother said they look just like a professional did it! OK, that made me grin!

Still need to find T's 100 years, but I will add it when I add his Totally "GUY" Valentine's Day box that he did with his dad! I only wrapped the box... oh, and warned his teacher! Will take photos of those tonight!

Back at school today... ONE week post-op! I feel great... I am tired, and can tell I am not 100%, but I did it! I proved people wrong, and I am BACK! With a new BACK! hehe

Lights Out!



Cassie said...

VEERY nice job...i'm so proud of you. Lighting and color look awesome,and the only thing to watch is your foot chop. :)

I"m so glad the pain is gone AND YOU are feeling better.

I lovey ou.

Musicmom-Amy said...

Nice work!!!! You have the best person helping you in the comment above.

And glad you are feeling much better from your surgery too. Don't push it too much.