Tuesday, February 02, 2010


OK, so... how did you spend your last birthday? I spent mine having back surgery. Went in at 5:15AM and was home before the kids got home from school. My great SIL met us at the house at 4:30 so we could head to the med center and she could get the kids to school.

I guess the surgery went as expected... they did have to do a little extra that I don't quite understand, but I am hoping at post-op he can explain what is going on. I really just want to know my future limitations, etc. He lowered my steroids and I will be off of them in TEN days. Maybe this puffiness can go away!

Today I am sitting up and pretty much going about my daily business. I get fussed at, because everyone thinks I am doing too much... but I need to feel normal. The pain I have had is GONE! Now I have the pain from the jackhammering on my back... but I know that pain will subside with time... Still on quite a few meds... but that gets lowered as the days go by as well! And I finally got a shower...

Sorry for the photoless updates... I did do an actual engagement shoot for a colleague of mine, if I can get her permission, I will show some sneaks of those...

And T had his 100 day of school today, and they dressed up as Centenarians... he was absolutely adorable... When I get those off the camera, I will post my Little "old" Man as well!

Lights Out!

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