Friday, March 02, 2007


Come on by and hang out for a bit! For now we are just letting everyone get to know each other... then let the parties and contests begin!

Phew... Finally a weekend with no pressure. We are thinking of taking the kiddos to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo... the nation's LARGEST rodeo! Thought they would love to see the animals and carnival! Won't compare to Disney! Oh...

Should I NOW mention that we leave ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! We are driving and taking it slow... we will make one stop and meet up with Chuck's parents, drive for a bit on Saturday and meet up with the rest of the group, then a SHORT drive to see THE MOUSE!

Come and play with us at Scrappy Arts! You can also click that killer BANNER that I made all by myself! Can you tell I am proud of myself?

Lights Out!


Anonymous said...

okay - I seriously missed something somewhere... you've got a cool new venture, that's awesome! you must email details!!! :-)

Cas said...

HEY gretchen we would LOVE for you to come on over.

A ~ I"m so stinkin EXCITED. Day one ROCKED!!!!

Angelbev said...

Congrats!! It is a great site!

Lisa said...

congrats! I registered this evening!