Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why do they do that?

Just when you have that PERFECT product... they discontinue it! Yep, that is what CLINIQUE did to me! Are they sorry about it, I don't think so. They want you to try their latest and greatest! Well, it isn't GREAT! It is horrible! IMHO! I am talking about their spray on tanning stuff! It was Da Bomb! (hey, just got off a trip with 69 7th graders). It went on easily, dried quickly, didn't smell like some chemical burn, and I didn't look like someone that just OD on carrots!

I know, we have sun so many days of the year here, why not tan naturally! Hello, I am a stinking GLO WORM! I am just pasty white. I don't tan, I burn, peel, and turn back into Casper's long lost sister-in-law! Now... look back at the days of my childhood when I had NO kids, a great shape, no cares in the world, and a pool in my back yard! I was DARK! Now... just white! So I digress and hit the tanning solutions!

And tanning solutions I have tried! I have 7-8 still under my cabinet... I could throw them away, but then I would accept defeat! I have tried the loofahing, the shaving, the walking around nekkid until it dries... and nothing gives that ever-so-perfect-straight-from-the-beach-tan EXCEPT Clinique! And they go and discontinue it! What is THAT all about!

I have found an acceptable replacement for the time being! Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Bronze Bombshell Strike Gold or something like that! I still notice somewhat of an odor after the second application, but not like the days of old... and it is the most natural looking color so far (besides Clinique), and it is a lotion not a spray! But like I said, it will work!

I do plan on spending a few days in the sun in a few weeks at my SIL's fishing camp. Can you say, pull out the old bathing suits and get the sun! I swear I would like to have SOME natural sun! It will happen! But for now, I will either lather up or GLOW!

Lights Out!


Cas said...

Have you tried the mary kay tanning cream??? It actually worked pretty well.

i'm so hpapy that I started tanning, I know its hell on your skin but damn its nice to not be pasty white anymore.

Can you call the different stores that carry it and stock up on what they have???

Cas said...

I"ve read this...twice. Update woman.