Thursday, December 20, 2007

How is THIS to put you in the Christmas spirt?

Conversation between myself and a very sleepy/grumpy five-year-old!

Me: We are going to see Santa tomorrow, what are you going to ask him for Christmas? (prompting, as E and I are going shopping this afternoon)

T: Nothing!

Me: Nothing? You don't want anything for Christmas?

T: No!

Me: Well, that should be easy for the elves to make.

Pulling into the parking lot a few minutes later!

T: Mom, I figured out what I want for Christmas!

Me: Oh yeah, what is that!

T: A new Mommy! You are mean!

Merry Christmas to ME! Things can only get better, right?

Lights Out!


Cassie said...

awwww....poor little grumpy bear. You know he dones't mean it.

Lisa said...

LOL but I think I would like to trade my 9-yr old in for a new model this week! You know he loves you!

Lyn said...

little stinker!! he'd be awful sad if you were replaced! LOL must have been having a "mood" that we all have!
hope your christmas is THE BEST!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Sounds like a holiday moment! :o)