Monday, December 10, 2007

A little closer...

to Christmas around our house... the tree is UP! Our cards were sent out, so I will post the "perfect" family Christmas photo in a few days! T said that he just "loves the tree this year! It matches the wall (our wall is red), the snowman, the stockings, and the furniture perfectly!"
Made the kids' Christmas gifts this weekend as well! With middle school comes MANY more teachers! We passed them out today, so that they had time to enjoy them for the season!
A few years ago, I made coasters with leaves on them... so I had to make some alternative gifts this year for some of my colleagues! E and I visited our new little LSS and she showed us the joy of Alcohol Inks... I had always been afraid of these little things... not anymore! E had a blast with these!
Here is a close up of the one we are keeping!
Nothing cute or funny to say today!
Lights Out!


Lyn said...

you have been SOOOOO busy creating! love your stuff, and your tree is gorgeous!
got your xmas card today... the family portrait is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
don't forget to read my blog on my new site cause no one comments and i feel so sad! :(

Cassie said...

man you've been a busy girl. AWEOSME.