Friday, December 14, 2007


OK, so on the way to school this morning, we are chatting that it is the weekend, and what needs to be done, what we want to get done, etc.

Mom: We need to go see the fat man this weekend...

T: Who is that?

Mom: The fat man in the red suit...

T: Captain Underpants? (You mean you all don't READ that series?)

Mom: No... the fat man in the red suit that says HO HO HO!

T: Santa?

Mom: Yes!

T: You can't call him fat, Mom. That is just RUDE!

Gotta love it when you learn manners from a five year old! Guess my kid really is learning to mind his P's and Q's. Sorry, Santa... I guess that wasn't very nice of me!

Need him to write his letter, and go visit Santa!

Wish I had a photo to post with his words!

Lights Out!


Cassie said...

Well we all know what YOU are getting in YOUR stocking this year.


Cassie said...

and i DID know who captain underpants is...dude he's awesome.

Angelbev said...

so often the things that T says remind me of things my son said at that age. It makes me smile. How lucky you are that you are a scrapper and can document these cute things as they happen. It is so much harder trying to go back 20 years to remember!