Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Playing...

And LOVING it! So, Dad got me PSE6 a while ago, and I have been floundering around with it and having some success... then along came Jessica Sprague! She is my new hero! I am really not sure what I will do with these photos now that they are enhanced... but I am in love with some of the looks!
We started off simply by adding a frame and some word art... photo of E up at the lake!
Next we learned how to use brushes like stamps! Changed to colors to match things from the actual photo.

Creating a vintage hand tinted look with a different frame.

Clipping masks... these things are just downright FUN!

Wow... this one is just down right amazing. We learned how to find new textures and add them to photos to just change it! More frames... And my camera is now on the look out for all kinds of new textures to add to photos.
This one is called TTV (through the viewfinder) Apparently a new "old" look I also added a brush (stamp) and a later lesson the different fonts and goodies!
Here is the later adding fonts and stuff to photos. There is also an aged paper texture to the background.
This one is old school... but in a new technique. Just burning the edges to keep the focus on the center.
Still a few more days to go in the lessons... but I can't wait to teach this to the photo journalism kids next fall! They will just get a kick out of what art they can make to their photos!
Lights Out!


Musicmom-Amy said...

Those are great!!!! I love her classes too!

Lyn said...

Your photos look marvelous! I am so hoping for a camera of "my own" sometime! I don't mind sharing with DH, but it would be such fun to "play!"