Monday, July 27, 2009


in order to stay away from any cliche's, let's just say it has been good! Summer is good! For the first time in a long time, I have been able to just play Mom. I really hate it on Monday mornings when Chuck has to head on into work. I know it is hard when we are at home and living summer.
This past weekend we headed to my parent's house to just hang out. We scrapped, played, ate, read, rode the jet ski, and just hung out as a family unit. Made today even harder to be a Monday...

Over at Coordinates Collections, Jennifer (aka pinge) posted a challenge about using your stash instead of buying more. Well, I am ALL about that! And so is my husband... and so is my check book... and so is my scrapbook storage... well, you get the picture! So, Jennifer... here are my FIRST five layouts using what I already had in my space! This was a blast, and I am not stopping at five! And it is even using photos that are already printed to boot!

And to end this with a Travisism... this JUST happened! T is playing with a city mat and his John Deer /Lincoln Logs. He brings me a car part and starts asking about it. Remember we are a city family! Cass... don't you DARE laugh!
T: Mom, what do you think this is?
Me: I believe it is a hay hauler.
T: What does it do?
Me: It takes the hay from the fields to barn for the horses and stuff.
T: How does the hay not fly out when the farmer is taking it back to the barn?
Me: I have no idea?
T: Maybe you should just look it up on Google... it can tell you.
Definitely a sign of the times!
Lights Out!


Lyn said...

What an insightful boy! Definitely a 21st century learner! :) Loving your layouts!!

Cassie said...

yes im laughing at the city folk

love you