Friday, December 18, 2009

My Tree

OK, it is time to start connecting with friends in the scrapping world again. Mom has been loving her time over at Coordinates Collections, so I pop in from time to time. My school limits internet stuff, so I have a hard time to connect at work... but I need to get in my scraproom and get busy again. I miss it, and I hope CC can get my going again.

First thing first... they wanted to see photos of our trees... so here is mine! It is ten feet tall and nine feet wide! And my mom actually got to see it in real life this year and even helped me decorate it. Truly loved that!

The tree skirt is handmade by my mom to match the stockings on my mantel. My grandmother made mine and then my mother made the ones for Chuck and the kids. Truly a treasure, and I hope that she will be able to make the kids' family stockings as well!

Lights Out


Jenni said...

Alicia--your tree is gorgeous! Love it!!!
-Jenni from CC

Jen D. said...

Thank you for sharing with us!
Gee I thought mine was's about 8 1/2 ft tall & 6ft wide.

Sally said...

I enjoyed helping to decorate it. It is beautiful!