Friday, December 04, 2009

This isTexas?

They have been telling us through the week that we were expecting snow down here in SE Texas... Yeah right! We might get cold rain, we might get some sleet, or even some dusting... but rarely do we get THIS!

We even got to leave school early. Not really because of a true snow day like up in the north, but it was supposed to be icy streets right at dismissal. Not good for Texas drivers that barely can drive in rain!

We have never been able to actually build one of these guys. This is a monumental moment...

Expect to see this shot in the family calendar. I should have used it as our family Christmas photo, but I have already taken, printed, cut, and stuffed the photos originally intended for this year's cards. They should go out next week. I just need to write the yearly epistle!

Off to get more photos... aiming for snow angels this time!

Lights Out!


Musicmom-Amy said...

How fun!!!

Cassie said...

it KILLS me that its your first snowman. But my kids were jealous when I told them you got snow and we missed out, all we ended up getting was a layer of ICE.