Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I did it...

I made it to the second round of Scrapping With The Stars. I am so excited! Had to do a little research with this week's stars, but now that I **know** them, I truly love them! Becky Higgins, we all love her! Her sketches are so flexible to any style! Now... Jennifer McGuire was a new name to me... but I am definitely one of her biggest fans now! Just love some of her stuff!

I can't show you my layouts, but the BH one is DONE! Ready to go, and the other will be tonight! Probably one of my favorite layouts in a long time!

Bedroom is DONE. Painted, cleaned up, chair rails up! Awesome! Now I get to pick out some new bedding and a new fan, and it will be a luxurious master suite. so proud of it! Next on the home fixing list... new doors for the laundry room. We have accordian doors now, and they won't let the drawers to the new w/d open! Pooh!

Got some BIG plans coming up soon... keep checking back... I think it will be fun had by all! We are really excited, and getting all the kinks worked out... Will let you know as soon as we can! Aren't you all enthralled now?

I can't believe I don't have a picture to share... what is UP with that? Thursday is our medieval feast... I am SURE this wench will show up in a shot or two! Huzzah!

Lights Out!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! Congrats! I'm sure your new ones are fabulous!

Cas said...

Hey, where is my post???