Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well... Happy Birthday to me! This isn't quite a newborn photo... but I think it was for my first birthday!

Just thought I would share some of my yesteryears! I have never been one to worry about age... so here I sit at the glorious age of THIRTY EIGHT! My students have been absolutely adorable. I am **swimming** in Dr Pepper, do they know me or what? Chuck brought me breakfast, and has something planned fo rhte evening! He won't let me in on the situation!

We are headed to the Medieval feast in just a few minutes! Plan on getting some great photos there!

On a sour note... I tried to give blood yesterday. Have given over FOUR gallons of blood since high school. I think it is VERY important to be able to do this! Anyway... I make it through the screening, am sitting there filling the little bag (it is 3/4 full) when the nurse comes up to me. She says, "It says here you have lived in Germany since 1980... why?" I then inform her that my dad was military and we were stationed there. So... she asks if we lived on a military base... YES! Well... APPARENTLY during that time period, England supplied the beef for military bases in Germany, and we are at risk of having bad beef! HELLO! She then takes out my needle and says that she can not use my blood. That she will have to THROW it away! I was not happy! That means, that I can not give blood again, until they get rid of that rule! UGH


Lights Out!


Cas said...

Hppy bday dearest friend. Weren't you a cutie. I'm gonna email your mom and ask her for the NAKED BUTT pictures that HAVE to be out there.

JanTGrits said...

Happy Birthday girl! Hope you had the best time! You are at a great stage in life, so happy things are better for you! You look so cute in that sweet little dress!

Lyn said...

hope your birthday was wonderful-iffic! i knew i visited here before, but would i have taken the time to bookmark the page? uh... i'm a goon!
what was your fun nighttime birthday surprise? huh, huh??! :)