Friday, February 09, 2007


From today... we will be on our way to see the MOUSE!

I think Chuck and I are more excited than the kids are! So can't wait for this trip!

Getting my hair cut tomorrow! But right now I am sitting on pins and needles! They said that they would announce the winners EARLY... Like today for Scrapping with the Stars! But they haven't done it yet! I don't want to leave my computer! It is killing me here! Ok... breathing!

Will let you know, and I will post my layouts!

Lights out!


Cas said...

AWEOSME girl. I'm so proud of you on moving on to the next round. I really think you are oging to go ALL TEH WAY baby. :D

And you suck ~ I wanna see the mouse. Hopefully this year we will anyway.

Much love

Lyn said...

hey lady! i am DYING to go to Disney! when are you going? i hope you have a BLAST! i want to see your layouts, and i hope you are a winner for Scrappin with the stars!!