Monday, February 12, 2007

I did it!

I made it to Round 3 of Scrapping with the Stars! We get to scrap like Cathy Zielske and Kelli Crowe. Had never heard of Kelli, but I love Cathy! After some research, I found my niche with Kelli and got the layout done! Have some plans for the CZ one... just need to figure out how to get it on the paper! Here are the entries that moved me on!
Thanks for all the votes... Next round is DT pick only!
On the home front... nice and quiet weekend! Just the way I like it! We did take the kids to see Happy Feet yesterday! UGH! Definitely a wait-for-DVD movie! And why is it that it costs so dang much! Hard to have a fun outing with the kiddos if it cost $50 just to go to the movies! And they wonder why we don't feel guilty sneaking in a bit of chocolate! Ended the weekend with some amazing food! Man, that guy can COOK!
There may be another post today... but for now, just wanted to post this!
Scrappy Arts - 17 Wake Ups
Disney - 25 Wake Ups
Lights Out!


JanTGrits said...

Alica, your life has done a 360, you seem so much more happy. Your work shows it. Your work is developing into a definite style that is YOU! It is simple yet incorporates enough different elements to keep it interesting. Your journaling cuts to the heart of the matter. I love your style!

Cas said...

I 2nd what Jan said.

and I need to get my ass on SA. Man i dind't realize debut date was so freaking CLOSE. I"M ON IT GIRL.

Lyn said...

you're killing me with the suspense with the IM and what you have to tell me!! girl, you'd better email me or sommething!!

i am also sooo impressed by what you're creating! i know the contest was giving you some inspiration, but jan's right, you're devloping into quite the distinguished artist!!! you rock, lady!!

and, i am STILLLLL so jealous of your Disney trip!!! i want lots of pics so i can live vicariously through you!