Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How does YOUR garden grow?

We don't have cockle shells (what are those anyway?) or little maids... but we DO have tomatoes AND a gate! I think we were just really surprised at how well our first plants were doing, so Chuck went back for MORE and MORE and MORE! We now have peppers (two kinds, jalepenos, cucumbers, and radishes to add to our summer salads) So... to keep the dog out of the veggies, he built a fence, and since T can't climb OVER the fence, he built a gate! All while cooking yummy BBQ on Memorial day!

And since it WAS Memorial day... I just HAD to "memorialize" something right? Isn't it also a day for scrapping memories? OK, so... this is what I made while he made the garden. I did go out and "help," but probably not as much as I should have... but it was HOT! I don't like it HOT! Used most of the end of my GBC May kit! Looking forward to June's (except that it will be my very last one).
Just a little layout about my daily addiction! Large Vanilla Dr Pepper Easy Ice!

Speaking of hot... we pulled THIS out... what a touching moment, huh? Yeah, that lasted a whopping 2.5 minutes! They were already at their throats first thing this morning! Summer is going to be LONG if I don't find a way for them to get along!

Lights Out!


Lyn said...

your garden looks fabulous! i think it's safe to say i will never have a garden. i can't even keep flowers alive!! total green failure!
loving the warm weather photos... summer vacation is 5 days away for me.... although this summer will be different... i will be emailing you with my new job news!!

Jeanne said...

I'm coming over for salad!!!