Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweet Nostalgia...

These are the moments... I have utter sadness for the fact that my own children are growing and will be moving on to the next grade level! I have utter sadness that the students that I have grown to know and love are moving on to the next grade level! And I have utter sadness to know I only have TWO MONTHS of free time to get everything I want to get done! However, I have TWO MONTHS of total free time to do whatever I want! Yes... it is THAT time of year... SUMMER! Precious summer! And yes, I completely understand that it doesn't seem fair to you all that do NOT get the next few weeks of precious free time... however, I bet if you were to come in and do what teachers do for a year, you might just think a tad differently. I am not saying we deserve the break MORE than anyone else, hell, what am I saying... Yes, I do!

So... as I prepare myself mentally to have my kids with me on a daily basis (I love having them with me, just can do without the constant bickering and whining about how they have NOTHING to do), I also know I need to thank the teachers that have without hesitation shown my own children the love of a parent away from home. I really do not have a ton of extra funds around the house to truly show them that they are beyond worth, so I generally fall back on home made gifts... personally as a teacher, I think those are the best, most meaningful kind! Here are the clips that the kids are giving their teachers.

And back when E was a mere pre-schooler, I got extremely emotional and wrote a little poem to her teacher. I gave it to all her teachers up to first grade. Now it is T's turn. So, here is what his teacher is getting. It isn't that I like to make people cry, but this does. And that means so much to me! I love these ladies for being the constant in my children's lives! Thank you!

OK, I think that is all my little brain can handle today... you will just have to check back for mindless rambling on another day!

Lights Out!


Lyn said...

Those are really cool teacher gifts!
And don't get me STARTED about when people complain that teachers have the summers off! Those people wouldn't be able to last 1 day in a classroom then go home and do the 2-3 hours of take home work they need to do! LOL
Have a GREAT summer with the kids, I know you will!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Such meaningful gifts!! They're great!!