Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day THREE...

No, I won't count down each day of this so called "roll," however, I am pretty proud of myself! I don't have a third layout done, but there is one in the works on the table! It will be done today! Pretty excited about it... found an old CKU layout that I never finished by Jana Wilson... so I am taking some ideas from it! She just rocks!

Count down to Scrap A Ganza is just THREE wake ups! We will head over on Friday to set up the booth... any ideas on WHAT to take, please let us know... we are taking some fun stuff already!

Have you checked out the store's blog... A Scrap Affair is following suit of another talented lady and "Paying it Forward" Join in or start your own! Heck, I am not the best at mailing stuff out... but for this it would be worth it... so leave your email in the comments, and I will email the first three that post a comment for your addy to send out a little RAK! How can you go wrong?

Lights Out!

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