Tuesday, January 06, 2009

7 Random Facts: Part 2

OK, things seemed to have settled down, so I guess I need to get back to my random facts. Sorry Kelly that it has taken so long!

I was going to do T... but since Chuck and I just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary, I decided that he should go next!


1. This man knows the most random stuff. He doesn't know WHY or HOW he knows it, but he does. Sports, Music, history, you name it... he knows something about it!
2. He HATES it when his feet get wet!
3. He is a Momma's Boy, but in his case, that isn't bad at all!
4. He really does not like to read!
5. He is really funny and has a great sense of humor!
6. He loves to work around the house. Tinkering in the yard, fixing stuff around the house, building stuff.
7. He is loving, supportive, and MINE! Ok, I know that isn't random... but so true!
I love you!
Lights Out!


kc said...

Don't forget, he could have his own cooking show. What a chef he is!

KellyB said...

I love the picture of all of you!! Great idea with the picture frame! I will always be amazed by your creativity.