Thursday, January 08, 2009

7 Random Facts - Final Installment!

Little Man! Today is his "half birthday!" His birthday is in the summer, so for school purposes, they celebrate "half birthdays!" They get their free dress, snacks, birthday crown, line leader, and just to be king for a day! He can live with that!

So... in honor of his "half birthday" I will get to his 7 Random Facts! Kelly, I am finally done!

1. This boy is my little reader! Finally someone in my family that can just sit and read and forget about the rest of the world! I am right there with you kid!
2. He has a laugh that will turn the biggest Scrooge into a giggling fool!
3. He gives the very best hugs!
4. Is a Momma's Boy through and through... but like his dad, it isn't a bad thing!
5. This kid has seen more of this world being dragged from one of his sister's activities to another!
6. He is NOT a morning person!
7. Can throw more "why's" at you faster than anyone I know! He is just so curious!

Love you Little Man! Our world is a better place with you in it!

Yeah, I know Christmas is over, and it is time to change my background, but the "cutestblog" site is giving me issues! I will get it changed! :)

Lights Out!

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